The IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative (CYBSI) was launched in 2014 by the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Future Directions Committee. Its aims are to (1) provide the go-to online presence for security and privacy (S&P) professionals; (2) improve the comprehension of cybersecurity by students and educators; and (3) improve S&P designs and implementations by professionals.

To achieve the first goal, we launched this website and collected an exciting series of interviews, which can be found here.

To achieve the second goal, we launched Try-Cybsi, an effort to allow students and practitioners the ability to try out attacks, tools, and exercises key to understanding computer security.

To achieve the third goal, we launched the Center for Secure Design, which intends to shift some of the focus in security from finding bugs to identifying common design flaws in the hope that software architects can learn from others’ mistakes. We also launched a new conference: IEEE SecDev, to ensure that there will be robust and ongoing expansion of knowledge around creating secure systems.

The Chair (Robert Cunningham) and Vice Chair (Ulf Lindqvist) have spoken about what they hope to accomplish for the effort [here, here, and here]. They thank Greg Shannon for his early leadership on the effort.

If you are interested in keeping up with activities stemming from the initiative, join the community, follow us on Twitter @ieeecybsi, or send us an email at ieee-cybsi@ieee.org.

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